Friday, 29 May 2015

Sean and Libbies Marriage Blessing at The Lingholm Estate.

Sean and Libbie had their Marriage blessing at The Lingholm Estate in a Tipi. It was a great place for a marriage celebration with beautiful surroundings.

Sean and Libbie wanted their special celebration to be captured as it unfolded and I was able to capture some great images as the day progressed.

The day started by getting some pictures of Libbie in her wedding dress in one of the very posh rooms available at The Lingholm Estate. Then I went down to the Tipi where sean was waiting to do the blessing. After the blessing everybody went to Lyzzick Hall for Lunch and drinks. When Sean and Libbie arrived back we were able to capture some beautiful pictures of just the two of them in and around the estate's gardens.

Later on more friends arrived to continue celebrations in the tipi at The Lingholm Estate. Everybody had a great time.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Phil and Christine's Wedding at The White Heather Hotel

Phil and Christine were married at Kirklington Church and later celebrated with friends and family at The White Heather Hotel in Kirkbride.

We started the day at Christine's new house. Phil and Christine had been renovating their house which used to be a school. The house looked amazing inside and had lots of character. I got some pictures of christine preparing for the ceremony in her bedroom, she looked beautiful.

Then it was onto Kirklington Church which was just around the corner. When I arrived Phil was stood at the church doors with their little boy Max. I got some great pictures of the two of them.

Christine arrived in a Mercedes Benz with her dad and briskly walked down the aisle. I captured some great images of the ceremony. Then we headed off to The White Heather Hotel.

Everybody had a great time celebrating.