Friday, 11 July 2014

Tracey and Richards Wedding at The Roundthorn Country House

Tracey and Richard were married at Addingham Church Little Salkeld.

Tracey got prepared at The Roundthorn Country House Hotel. We managed to capture some great moments of bridal preparation and got some beautiful pictures of Tracey at the entrance to the Hotel.

Tracey headed with her dad to Addingham Church where she was greeted by 6 big Fendt Tractors parked outside the church.

As the ceremony got underway i managed to get some images of the ceremony from the back of the church.

After the ceremony Richard and Tracey headed back to The Roundthorn Country House Hotel, pursued by 6 huge Fendt tractors. On the way back i spotted a field with a really nice view so we managed to get some dramatic images in there.

Everybody had a great time celebrating and we even managed to capture a nice picture at the end of the day after the sun set.